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Rugged & Mobility Prospects has become the unique company in Greece specialized in Mobile Wireless Ruggedized MIL-STD and TEMPEST computing. Rugged & Mobility Prospects supplies and supports Ruggedized MIL-STD solutions for any single sector which can use “tough” IT systems.
Our partnership with Axsys Technologies, one of the largest globally Thermal IR camera systems manufacturers, and with Truvelo, one of the leading manufacturers of Traffic Monitor equipment, strengthen our force to Homeland Security, Law Enforcement and and Public Sector Security.

By using the main principles of “ruggedization” and “thermal imaging” along time and conditions with the triptych “hi-tech innovation, large MIL-STD application range and high level secure”, Rugged & Mobility Prospects has succeeded to maintain an “all weather” unexceptionable relationship with its clients, suppliers and partners.

Rugged & Mobility Prospects equips Greek Army (Artillery, Infantry, AirForce, Navy), Ministries (MoFA, MoI, MoMM, MoD), Public Safety (Police, Fire dpt, Civil Protection, Health Center) and Private sector, whose work demands security, surveillance and ruggedness resulting to a high productivity increment.
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