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The term TEMPEST is often used broadly for the entire field of Emission Security or Emanations Security (EMSEC). The term TEMPEST was coined as a codename for the NSA operation to secure electronic communications equipment from potential eavesdroppers and vice versa the ability to intercept and interpret those signals from other sources.

The US and NATO TEMPEST standards define three levels of protection requirements:
SDIP-27 Level A / AMSG720B / “Full” TEMPEST
Equipment Zone 0 (SDIP-28)
Most often used in areas where there is no control over perimeter such as Embassies
SDIP-27 Level B / AMSG788A / “Intermediate” TEMPEST
Equipment Zone 1 (SDIP-28)
Most often used in areas such as military bases where there is a guarded perimeter and people cannot get too close without detection
SDIP-27 Level C / AMSG784A  /“Tactical” TEMPEST
Equipment Zone 2 (SDIP-28)
Most often used for deployable equipment where equipment may be in close proximity to, or may share the same power supply, as battle-field communications systems
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