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Public Safety
Public Safety includes Law Enforcement, Emergency Rescue, Firefighting and Security services that deal with urgent and vital tasks requiring communication, ruggedness and wireless versatility. Since these services deploy our rugged notebooks with their fleet of vehicles, mounting and docking of these units require anchoring to the vehicles for safety, security and user ergonomics. When the notebook needs to be taken out of the vehicle, WWAN, sunlight readable screen and shock proof work together to relay information within the service system.

As emergency medical care increases, resources remain limited. Health care administrators need a portable system for point-of-care reporting and computer aided dispatching. To meet this requirement a reliable rugged notebook is needed that is water and shock proof with excellent communication ability to link with other instruments. Ideally, the size and weight should be small and light enough to be placed within the whole system.

Stabilized cameras are used on state and municipal law enforcement airborne units to protect us each and every day. These systems enhance the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies as they respond to public safety issues, assist in search and rescue missions. The real-time information increases situational awareness and protects
the safety of law enforcement forces on the ground.
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