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RAM carry on and detachable aviation mounting systems gives the pilot an option of positioning the arm over or under the yoke depending on your specific requirements. If yoke mounting is not desired then RAM also fits that demand by enabling the pilot to attach a base with ball in a more convenient location. Then by simply turning a knob, the hand held device can be positioned for the very best viewing angle.
Probably one of the most versatile and adjustable back supports ever created for ATV’s, RAM has your back with this great new product. With the turn of a knob, position the RAM Back Rest up, down, forward, or back. Make your time on the trails that much more enjoyable and comfortable with this simple and inexpensive accessory. Simple to install and convenient to use.
While some might say that Kayaks are about the basics, these days, the basics are not limited to just a paddle. RAM now offers a complete line of products for Kayaks opening up a world of possibilities and new adventures. Expect mounting solutions that are durable, compact, look great, and have no sharp edges or points. RAM offers all this and so much more for most any item you might want to take with you out on the water. Support a cell phone to stay in touch with the land lovers, a fishing rod to bring back dinner to camp, or maybe a GPS for your next exploration. RAM has the perfect mounting solution for all these items and many more.
RAM designs fishing rod holders like nobody else. Allowing a quicker response to strikes and elevating the rod to a comfortable height spelled success for Fisherman everywhere. Keeping with that tried and true design, RAM now offers the RAM Rod 2007 series. Ideally suited for vessels as small as kayaks, to larger Tournament or Charter boats, this new line of products is guaranteed to please. Incorporating our one of a kind and patented ball and socket feature, perfect adjustment is a breeze and setting the hook could not be faster.
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