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Rugged Peripherals
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Rugged Peripherals
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From 15'' up to 42'' Ruggedized monitor
Our  family  of  displays  consist  of 15'' up  to  42''  Military
MIL-STD 810F Displays with varying degrees of ruggedness. All rugged displays are fully customizable and available with various options including touch-screen capabilities, rack, panel, wall, tabletop, or custom mounting options, night vision, multiple types of I/O connectors, varying degrees of ruggedness and more.
The 42'' Rugged High Definition Plasma Panel has been uniquely designed and engineered for industrial applications that require extra high reliability. Proven in rugged applications it has an all metal ruggedized frame, low EMI emissions and susceptibility, a cooling design that allows the panel to be “flush” mounted to vertical wall surfaces. With today’s military situations around the world,   remote   briefings   for  companies,  battalions  and
squadrons Rugged Displays are often a requirement.
Give us your rugged specifications and we will develop the right display for you!
Last updated: 25/2/2009 16:11