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Full Disk Encryption
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Full Disk Encryption
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[hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter

Cost efficient encryption of thumb drives, external drives, and other USB-connected storage media!

The [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter connects to your computer via USB, and through two-factor authentication in the form of a smartcard storing all encryption keys and a PIN-code, it offers robust and easy to use protection of all your externally stored data. Incorporating the [hiddn]™ Crypto Module, the Crypto Adapter is the perfect solution for transportation of data between the office and home, for travelling with sensitive data, and for working between office branches.
The cost of losing data is now reduced to the minimal cost of losing a low-priced thumb drive, as [hiddn]™ Crypto Adapter demolishes the need for expensive encryption thumb drives as it encrypts unlimited amounts of any storage media!

Benefits & Features
  • More secure than software:  No encryption keys are stored on the storage media, all keys stored in the Key Token
  • Easy to audit:  Without the physical Key Token present, the media is inaccessible
  • Lower Total cost of ownership:  No annual licensing fees, no updates, and zero end-of-life disposal cost of the storage media
  • Works with all PCs:  Invisible to all Operating Systems, File Systems, and computer software/hardware
  • Security by best approach:  Passed international certification at the highest commercially viable level
  • Strong & secure encryption:  AES 256-bit encryption algorithm
  • Authentication:  Smartcard with encrypted key transfer and PIN-code. No keys stored on storage media
  • Performance:  Transparent and real-time encryption with no delay @ 40MB/s (limited by USB-protocol)
  • Plug and play:  No drivers or software required

 (Benefits & features are shared by all [hiddn] solutions, as all include the [hiddn] Crypto Module.)

Last updated: 30/3/2011 10:33