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Full Disk Encryption
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[hiddn]™ Crypto Module

The [hiddn]™ Crypto Module is the heart of all [hiddn] products, and is also available for OEM projects. It has an ATA interface in and out of the module and can be operated either with a card reader integrated with the module or through an external card reader.

The [hiddn]™ Crypto Module provides hardware-based Full Disk Encryption (FDE) for data-at-rest (DAR), and operates independently of the computer’s CPU and memory. The key interface is encrypted and playback protected. Physically separate encryption keys in the form of certified and secure Key Tokens (Atmel smart cards), are required to unlock the protected hard drive and enable encryption/decryption of the data.

The [hiddn]™ Crypto Module can be implemented in a wide range of systems, and will enable the system with certified military-strength encryption, whether for laptops, desktops, servers, external hard drives, video-on-the-fly solutions, or any other system storing data. The patented and flexible design enables the [hiddn] technology to fit with any computer make and model, meeting all your protection and encryption needs by providing transparent encryption of the storage device.

  • SPACE (Security, Performance, Adaptability, Convenience, Ease-of-use)
  • The only FIPS Level 3 module for protection of data at rest on PCs
  • No Encryption keys stored on module after power off
  • Completely transparent use with no need for user intervention
  • 256 bits AES encryption
  • Certified by US certification authorities (NIST/NSA) & laboratories (SAIC/InfoGard)
  • Unparalleled user flexibility enforced by encryption key attributes
  • KMS allows Crypto Officer to set and change all the attributes and consequently enable all features and capabilities embedded within the [hiddn]™ Crypto Module
  • Operating System, Drivers, Installed Software and Platform independent
  • Hardware manufacturer independent
  • One module (CM) serves laptops, desktops, printers, Crypto Adapter, serverparks, UAVs and USB external hard drive
  • [hiddn]™ does not use PC resources such as CPU and memory compared to software
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