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[hiddn]™ Sata Adapter

A unique and easy approach to protection of data stored on desktops, copiers, control systems and other applications processing and storing sensitive and/or classified data. Installed in the data path between the processing unit and the SATA storage medium, the unit protects all data at rest - no encryption keys on the storage media, all keys stored on the smartcard!

Incorporating the patented and highly certified [hiddn]™ Crypto Module, the SATA Adapter provides for easily implemented and cost-effecitve protection of all data at rest.  Why worry over data stored in the office's copy machine, or on the desktop, when you can protect it using the SATA Adapter?
[hiddn]™ SATA Adapter is a standalone solution, and requires no additional drivers, software, or user training. The product is delivered either as an OEM product ready for integration into third party systems or as a standalone product including a hard drive for installation into third party enclosures. Either way, the unit comes ready for installation, providing the user with easy to use and robust full-disk encryption in an instant.

Benefits & Features
  • Versatile Encryption:  Installs into any system for full-disk encryption of SATA storage media - ideal for copiers, desktops, control systems etc
  • Robust Protection:  All keys stored on smartcard - without the physical smartcard present, the media is inaccessible
  • Low Total cost of ownership:  No annual licensing fees, no updates, and zero end-of-life disposal cost of the storage media
  • Performance:  Transparent and real-time encryption with no delay @ 100MB/s
  • Plug & Protect:  Computer and OS independent - no additional drivers or software required
  • Strong & secure encryption:  AES 256-bit encryption algorithm
  • Authentication:  Smartcard with encrypted key transfer and optional PIN-code for two-factor authentication
  • Information Assurance:  Incorporates the FIPS Level 3 and Common Criteria EAL4+ certified [hiddn] Crypto Module

(Benefits & features are shared by all [hiddn] solutions, as all include the [hiddn]™ Crypto Module.)

Last updated: 30/3/2011 11:13