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Full Disk Encryption
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[hiddn]™ USB

The ideal solution for backup of sensitive data - [hiddn]™ USB protects all data at rest

The Full-Disk Encrypted (FDE) [hiddn]™ USB unit is an external storage unit utilizing the patented and certified [hiddn]™ encryption technology to provide users with an ideal solution for protecting their backup data from unauthorized disclosure. With the smartcard present, the external storage unit operates as a normal external drive, but once the smartcard is removed, all data stored on the drive will be inaccessible. This enables sensitive information and data-at-rest (DAR) to be transported securely and still be accessible from any computer in the world with the correct smartcard present, thus making it the ultimate carrier for sensitive data.

Benefits & Features
  • Encryption Algorithm: AES
  • Encryption Strength: 256 bit key length
  • Encryption Speed: 100 MB/S
  • Encryption Execution: Real-time, Transparent
  • Encryption Keys: Up to 32
  • Operating System: Independent of Operating System
  • Device Driver: No drivers required
  • Operational Delay: None
  • FIPS 140-2 Level 3
  • Common Criteria EAL4+ augmented with AVA_VLA.3
  • Data Bus I/O Standard: USB 2.0
  • Disk standards: SSD, SATA, PATA 

The [hiddn]™USB is delivered complete with the certified [hiddn]™ Crypto Module and USB housing. Hard drive is not part of the product by default, but available in several options. [hiddn]™USB is compatible with SSD, SATA and PATA drives and supports all capacities were a 2.5" option is available.

Last updated: 30/3/2011 11:21