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[hiddn]™ Key Management System
The Key Management System (KMS) is a proprietary administrative utility for managing lifecycle functions of [hiddn] Key Tokens (smartcards) and the accompanying [hiddn] products. Designed for integrators, value added resellers, IT managers of business units, and military units deploying [hiddn] technology, the KMS is delivered as a dedicated workstation running Windows Vista (backwards compatible).
Key features
  • Management of User Key Token lifecycle
    • Issue
    • Escrow
    • Revoke
    • Replace
  • Management of Crypto Officer Tokens
  • Import of keying material
  • Log and audit key management transactions
  • Setting resident Crypto Module key
  • Setting interactive pre-boot authentication key
  • Configuring multi-user set-ups with shared or individually encrypted partitions
Detailed Description
The Key Management System's main function is the management of User Key Tokens containing the secret media encryption keys. KMS logs the transactions of all Key Tokens and their assigned users in an intelligent and logical user interface.
The Key Management System also administrers issuing of Crypto Officer Keys. Crypto Officer Keys are neccesary for configuring [hiddn] products. This includes the setting of the preshared communication keys, which limits access to only User Key Tokens sharing the same communication keys.
KMS can easily create backup User Key Tokens, if the original should ever be lost. In case of compromised Key Tokens, the Key Management System handles the revoking and creation of Replacement Key Tokens. In a high security environment, KMS can aid in the creation of a new set of Key Tokens for replacing all the cryptographic assets and assist in re-encryption of the entire contents of the storage media.
KMS also offers the operator access to the advanced features of the [hiddn]™ Crypto Module such as encryption of a disk on partition/sector level, thus offering a seamless solution for multi-user scenarios.
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