Speed Violation
Speed Violation Detection
Whatever the Government laws require, we are able to offer an approved system for a single rear photograph for speed enforcement. The speed violation detection systems can be installed in a variety of site configurations with different combinations for the most accurate and cost effective result.

The new D-Cam uses a digital camera and is the only quality engineered speed and/or red traffic light violation monitoring system, which is the most versatile, modern, cost effective, accurate, fast and data-secure solution with built in automatic speed verification!
The latest Truvelo D-Cam can be connected to different sensor technology, used at mobile or permanent sites and digitally records speed and/or red-traffic light violations. It is the only instrument that uses a unique secondary speed verification method, whereby the primary speed measurement can be verified using data imprinted on a single image. The vehicle is always in the same position and recorded over verification markers.

Night violations can be recorded very clear and accurately with the integrated (IR optional) LED flash with optical filter for convenience.

The Tri-band antenna ensures:
• GSM communication of D-Cam status and errors to service center
• GPS time/date and location
• Wireless LAN (WI-FI) interface to Shuttle-PC (Laptop /Tabloid) for setting up and monitoring of D-Cam

The High resolution digital color camera covering 3 lanes with motorised lens for aperture, zoom and focus adjustment.

Environmentally sealed enclosure with integrated heating/cooling system that enables operation in harsh climatic conditions (-20º C to + 60º C). This Locked enclosure with tamper detection, data signing and encryption using symmetric and asymmetric electronic keys ensures primary evidence security and integrity.
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